ACCO Club Header

Since 1999, ACCO has been a (Not for Profit) volunteer-based organization of Arab-Canadians working to promote our heritage as a part of the Canadian fabric and to encourage civic engagement!

ACCO is dedicated to provide programs and events which encourage its members to learn culture, language, history and heritage! And to provide periodic gatherings and meetings for the cultural furtherance of the Arab community through education, advocacy and citizen empowerment!

ACCO is dedicated to work with its club volunteers and performers and their families to provide an environment which encourages participation of all Arabs, their network and friends who have an interest in Arabic culture, regardless of ethnicity religious beliefs, political or social differences, and to promote harmony among its members.

Educational activities such as; Arabic school, is the key to reach out to youth to encourage them to learn culture, language, history, and heritage.

Seminars, lectures, and workshops by professionals, are one of the methods used to prepare youth for a productive adulthood through entrepreneurship, and life skills education to promote an atmosphere of respect, trust, and acceptance.

Cultural events such as; Carassauga and Carousel of Nations, provide great opportunities to learn and celebrate the contributions that diverse communities bring to Canada, and to be more aware of the richness and depth of the social fabric in which we live.

We take pride in our heritage and we are open to those of our friends and neighbours.